Mortgage Protection

Insurance for my mortgage.

Just like life insurance or critical illness cover, mortgage protection works exactly the same way. Only rather than covering a random amount of sum assured we look to insurance the amount you owe on your mortgage to make sure if you or your partner was to die or become critically ill, then your mortgage would be paid off.
Mortgage protection

What does Mortgage Protection Cover?

See what mortgage protection cover below.

Make sure your mortgage is protected with life insurance and critical illness cover; this is the biggest debt you have and it needs to be covered correctly. If you are looking to renew your existing mortgage or even if you are looking to purchase your first home, I have over 100+ providers on our panel to help you achieve your financial goals. If your bank has let you down, or even if you are not sure of the process then please look to us for advice.

Is their protection past its sell-by date?



When did you last check if your client’s life insurance needed reviewing? Every year we get renewals regarding car, house and pet insurance but never about the one thing that changes daily…Life.  You automatically make amendments to your motor policy when you buy a car; but did your clients notify you when they had a baby?



Unfortunately, there are no reminders to make sure that policies are still suitable for current circumstances. It is your duty to ensure that what they are paying for is still fit for purpose. We have tools such as ‘Critical Illness Expert’ that will help guide our clients to get the best protection available for their everchanging life. 



Sadly, until society promotes personal insurance to be as crucial as all other aspects of protection; WE are responsible to signpost the importance of updating cover. Go the extra mile for customers, check in with them yearly. They have trusted you to protect their family, everything in life is temporary and no plan is permanently perfect.

In conclusion, it’s so important always to check your current insurances for mortgage protection as you want to be sure that you are not only covered for the right illnesses but also the correct amount of insurance as you don’t want to have a short fall, leaving you or your family to cover the rest.

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We are completely free, we do not charge for our life insurance broker services.

As a life insurance broker, we are able to offer a ton of products from all different providers, meaning if you have medical concerns and one company delclines you, we can just apply with another.

A life insurance broker represents you, the policyholder. They partner with multiple life insurance companies, and present you with the best possible options to suit your coverage needs and budget.


A life insurance broker also help you to complete your life insurance application for a better chance of approval.

We are able to advice on the best product based on you? If you use an online comparison you could be doing it all wrong. Plus we are able to getter prices for you and don't charge either.

So many people ask, if I don't charge how do I earn money? Well we get paid a commission just like the comparison sites, but the difference is, we don't charge you like they do.

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