Income Protection

Also known as Sick Pay Cover.

What does Income Protection do? If you were unable to go to work due to sickness or injury, would you still be able to cover your monthly bills? If your employer does not offer you full sick pay for the entirety of your time off, then you need to consider how you would survive. This is where income protection comes into play. Income Protection is also known as sick pay cover, is a product that will pay your wages if you are ever off work due to an accident or an illness, meaning your bills will be covered, your credit score protected, and your home and lifestyle are remaining same.
income protection

Embrace the awkwardness 


When I was training to be a protection specialist, advising additional products reminded me of being in DFS, buying a sofa and then being asked if I wanted to add ‘Sofashield’ to protect against stains. I have just committed to a product that I am happy with, but now you’re offering me more options for more money? 


Flip it around. These additional products can be lifesaving, so let’s make sure they get the attention they deserve; Explain them throughout the appointment, not just at the end. Your client needs to know what is available because that benefit could help them, and if you never made them aware, you have failed. 


No matter how uncomfortable or awkward discussing additional benefits may feel. I promise you it is not as tricky as knowing you could have told them, saved them and protected their family.

I keep banging the drum of awareness because that’s precisely what it is; these products sell themselves once they are explained the right way. 

If the client knows and decides against it, it is off your conscience; you can replace a sofa, not replace lives.


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We are completely free, we do not charge for our life insurance broker services.

As a life insurance broker, we are able to offer a ton of products from all different providers, meaning if you have medical concerns and one company delclines you, we can just apply with another.

A life insurance broker represents you, the policyholder. They partner with multiple life insurance companies, and present you with the best possible options to suit your coverage needs and budget.


A life insurance broker also help you to complete your life insurance application for a better chance of approval.

We are able to advice on the best product based on you? If you use an online comparison you could be doing it all wrong. Plus we are able to getter prices for you and don't charge either.

So many people ask, if I don't charge how do I earn money? Well we get paid a commission just like the comparison sites, but the difference is, we don't charge you like they do.

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