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At The Protection Parent we understand that high net worth individuals may have different needs and requirements when it comes to securing a mortgage. These individuals typically have a significant amount of wealth and assets, which can make them more attractive to lenders.

High net worth mortgages can offer more flexible terms and may be available for larger loan amounts. Additionally, lenders may take a more personalised approach to underwriting these mortgages, taking into account unique income streams, assets, and financial situations when looking at affordability. Here are some of the benefits of high net worth mortgage:

– More flexible underwriting: High net worth lenders may be more accommodating when it comes to income streams and liquidity requirements, which can make it easier for borrowers to qualify for larger loan amounts.
– Customised terms: High net worth lenders may offer more customised terms for borrowers, including longer repayment periods and lower interest rates.
– Reduced documentation: Some high net worth lenders may require less documentation from borrowers than traditional lenders, which can simplify the application process.
– Prepayment options: High net worth mortgages may offer prepayment options that allow borrowers to pay off their mortgage more quickly or refinance at lower rates.

Your Home (or property) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debts secured on it.

The right lender for your requirements

High net worth mortgages can be difficult to obtain so here at The Protection Parent, we support anyone who needs to compare their mortgage options across high street lenders and specialists. Many lenders who offer these types of mortgages only work through brokers so we will help you search based on your specific situation and find deals suitable to your circumstances. On a million pound property, our attention to detail, support and research will help you with a smoother, stress free process whilst saving you time and money.

To get further advice on high net worth mortgages, contact our mortgage advisor today.

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