Nobody likes to think about it. But if you or one of your children were to become seriously ill, you’d want the treatment with the best possible outcome – wherever it is in the world.


That’s what Global Treatment aims to give you. 


How can you get global treatment ?

You can only get global treatment through an advisor, you can’t get it through the bank and you can’t get it online. 

Covering you and your children, meaning if you do get diagnosed with cancer, they will find you the best possible treatment for the condition, worth up to 2 million pounds from all over the world. They will fly you out and pay for all your expenses to make sure you get the best possible treatment available worldwide for your condition.

To get the best possible treatment for your condition it only costs you £3 per month!


Who is global treatment designed for ?

This benefit is designed for customers aged 18-84 who would like to ensure that if they were seriously ill and required treatment, they would have access to treatment options anywhere in the world. This includes certain treatments for the following conditions: Bone marrow transplant, Cancer, Coronary artery bypass, Heart valve replacement or repair, Live-donor organ transplant and Neurosurgery.

Global Treatment is an additional benefit for customers who are purchasing either Aviva’s Life insurance and Critical Illness, Income Protection or Living Costs Protection policies. It is not available as a stand alone product.