Critical Illness Cover

Also known as Cancer Cover, Disability Cover, Cover for Heart Attack and Strokes.

Critical Illness Cover is a product that I am incredibly passionate about because it protects that 1 in 2 chance. If you were diagnosed with cancer, how would you financially survive? This cover pays out on diagnosis of the condition, meaning you would be able to concentrate on what is important – your health. Unfortunately, mortgages, bills & lifestyle still need to be paid if you are critically ill. This takes away the financial worry and pressure if you were to be diagnosed with Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke, amongst many more illnesses; giving you the financial strength to pay towards treatment, special care or go on a once in a lifetime trip – the money is yours to do as you wish; the point is you have options, and that is priceless.
critical illness cover

What is worth protecting?


As advisors, it is our job to ensure that the client understands the range of products available, but it is not our job to prioritise them. Life insurance, Mortgage Protection, Critical Illness etc., are all significant benefits that can protect a family. But who decides in what order?


Giving every client a full explanation of the cover provides financial support and benefits. We are then offering customers the opportunity to decide for themselves what they believe to be valuable. 


We are then passing the baton of responsibility to the client; if they are aware of what is available and decide what they believe to be necessary, they can make an informed decision.

So many people in the UK are financially unprotected because the awareness for insurance is so poor. We are not here to sell them a product. We should be ensuring that families have the correct information to make decisions that suit themselves & their budgets.

In conclusion, there are many things worth protecting, family, mortgage debt, children, loved ones, income, and so on. Keep up to date with your insurances by constantly reviewing them too.

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We are completely free, we do not charge for our life insurance broker services.

As a life insurance broker, we are able to offer a ton of products from all different providers, meaning if you have medical concerns and one company delclines you, we can just apply with another.

A life insurance broker represents you, the policyholder. They partner with multiple life insurance companies, and present you with the best possible options to suit your coverage needs and budget.


A life insurance broker also help you to complete your life insurance application for a better chance of approval.

We are able to advice on the best product based on you? If you use an online comparison you could be doing it all wrong. Plus we are able to getter prices for you and don't charge either.

So many people ask, if I don't charge how do I earn money? Well we get paid a commission just like the comparison sites, but the difference is, we don't charge you like they do.

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