Take away the financial
worry when you’re ill


Critical Illness Cover pays out in a lump sum when you or your family are diagnosed with a critical illness or disability. During our lifetime Cancer will affect 1 in 2 of us, by having the right cover in place you will receive a sum of money that will help reduce the stress of having to think about how you can afford to pay your bills should you require time off work to recover.

Not only does critical illness cover protect you but your children could be automatically covered under your policy, having a child who is seriously ill is a parents worst nightmare and to want to make sure you would be able  to be by their side throughout this awful time. Having your child insured means that you would receive a lump sum of money to cover you not being able to work due to a child being sick.

What is critical illness cover and do I need it?


As a broker it is our job to ensure that you have cover in place that’s right for you, Critical Illness Cover pays out a monetary amount upon diagnosis of a critical illness or disability. Critical illness is a one in two chance, that means it’s affecting me or you. You should ask yourself if you fell ill and could not go to work, would you be able to afford to pay for your bills, family and lifestyle?

Having Critical Illness Cover means you have peace of mind knowing if you are ever to become seriously ill that you have the right protection in place to ensure money is not going to be an issue, and you can concentrate on getting better.

If you already have cover and would like a review or you’re ready to discuss how you can protect what matters most, start by arranging an appointment with one of our team.

What's included with
critical illness cover?


Heart Attack



Organ Failure

Childrens Cover

20+ Less Advanced Cancers

70+ More Illnesses

Frequently asked questions

Our advice is completely free, you will not be charged for any insurance services.

Yes you can! We have a wide range of providers and through our expert knowledge and research we are able to get people who have previously suffered from a critical condition covered.

Some providers may want to see your report; Especially if you have previous conditions on your medical. However we will check with all of our providers to see which will be best suited to you and your circumstances before a report would be requested.

Yes, there is for both adult and children, which is why you should always check what you have as what's currently in place might not be what is best available to protect you and your family.

We are with you every step of the way throughout the life of your policy, we hope you never do but if you needed to make a claim then we would be there to do as much as possible to help you concentrate on getting better.

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