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This product is crafted to ensure the safety of children from them being a baby until they reach 22 years of age. It operates independently, meaning it can enhance current insurance plans or be selected as a primary option. It is a unique policy which allows it to offer unparalleled protection for your children that is not available from other policies.

ChildShield offers straightforward and robust protection for your children during unforeseen events, including accidents and certain severe health conditions. For parents, it provides the invaluable assurance that you can be present and supportive at crucial times when your children require you the most.

Regardless of whether your children are inside the house, enjoying time in the garden, visiting a park, engaging in sports, or simply on the go, accidents are an inevitable aspect of life. Additionally, it’s a harsh reality that illnesses can strike our young ones at any given moment, as distressing as the thought may be.

This policy stands out because it does not impose any restrictions on the number of children you can include, nor does it limit the number of claims you can file. And all of this is available under a single, comprehensive policy.

Providing you with peace of mind

ChildShield children’s insurance is meticulously crafted to offer essential protection for your children in the event of an accident or illness whilst simultaneously providing you with peace of mind. One of the significant advantages of this policy is that it doesn’t require medical underwriting, simplifying the application process and making it easier and quicker to put in place.

The process to apply is uncomplicated and user-friendly, with most policies becoming active immediately. This instant activation includes access to extra services such as the Wellbeing Hub and GP24, enhancing the support available to your family.

At The Protection Parent, we take immense pride in our ability to help the process of making a claim. On this policy the typical turnaround time is within five working days, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy to caring for your children during critical times. We understand the importance of every claim, ensuring we give our utmost attention and promptness to each one, every single time.

ChildShield Children's Insurance

Choose from two levels of cover:

ChildShield Standard – £6 per month

ChildShield Plus – £11 per month

The coverage is the same, except ChildShield Plus pays double the benefit, at less than twice the cost.

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