Create a career on your own terms

Here at The Protection Parent we provide you with the tools and training to develop a career that works for you and fits your lifestyle. If you’re looking for more work-life balance being part of The Protection Parent allows you to become your own boss and decide on where, when and how long you work. Whether that’s working 9-5 or taking mornings off, it’s your decision how successful you want to be.

Disrupting the insurance industry

We’re changing the way the insurance industry works by showing you that you can have a healthy work-life balance as well as being successful. We’re on a journey to show the insurance industry that it is possible to be personal and professional as well as providing an amazing service which is delivered by a highly trained team.

Happy people, happy company, happy life.

What’s The Next Step?

Please use the calendar below to book your 20 minute phone call with Karla, our Founder, to discuss if The Protection Parent is the right fit for you.


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